Top Things you to do to Prepare For first day in School

The first day of school can help set the tone for the whole year and it’s totally normal to feel some nervous jitters. But don’t worry! There are some things you can do to prepare and make your first day go by without a hitch. If your new year involves some remote learning, or if it’s entirely virtual, it’s okay to feel a little anxious about it. But even if you’re learning from home, there’s plenty you can do to help your first day go more smoothly. one children accept and enjoy change more than others. But it’s not unusual for even the most “experienced” child to need some extra attention during the first days and weeks of school.

To help get you started, we’ve listed a couple of things to get your child (and you!) ready for smooth sailing on the first day of school.

1. Start a morning schedule
Wake your kids up at what will be their regular morning wake-up time. For older children, help them set an alarm clock so they can take responsibility for their own morning wake-up routine.

Eat a healthy breakfast
By now, we all know kids need a nutritious breakfast so they are ready to take on the day. Incorporate healthy breakfast options like apples, bananas, and whole grain toast. This will give them the energy they need to be mentally alert all day, instead of the mid-morning crash they’ll get from sugary cereals.

Set out clothes the night before
Avoid frantic mornings by having your child choose what he or she will wear the night before. If you have a younger child, let him or her pick from a couple different options. Get into a routine of doing this even before school starts so your child is in the habit of planning ahead.

Pack a healthy lunch
In the days or weeks before school starts, plan and make your lunches for the next day together each night. Even though school isn’t in session yet, you can help your kids get used to packing a lunch by having it labeled and ready to go each morning.

Follow a lunch schedule
Start eating lunch at the same time as your child will be when he or she is at school. This will help get your child’s stomach on a schedule so he or she isn’t going to class hungry and distracted.

Make dedicated TV-free time
Start getting into a homework routine now by having TV-free time during after-school hours. Use this time for a learning activity like reading a book or even talking about your day together.

Play board or word games
Playing games over the summer is a great way to keep you child’s mind engaged and focused on building learning skills. This will help make sure your child is prepared when classes start and make the back to school transition a smoother one.

Stick to a bedtime routine
Early bedtimes usually go out the window over the summer break, but young minds need plenty of sleep to be ready to learn. Get back into a set bedtime routine now so your child isn’t up late the night before the first day of school.

Read every day
Learning shouldn’t stop over the summer. Each day, take at least 30 minutes to sit with your child and read together. This will help keep him or her engaged with learning and in the routine of daily schoolwork.

Stock up on school supplies
Take your child shopping for back-to-school supplies he or she will need to get the year off to a successful start. Shopping for backpacks, binders, and pencil cases will get your child thinking (and excited) about the upcoming school year.

Lay out your clothes and school supplies so they’re ready to go.
Spend some time picking out an outfit that you like, or gather your school uniform and lay it out beside your bed so you can quickly get dressed and don’t have to scramble to find clothes. Choose clothes that make you feel confident and make sure they’re clean. Pack your school supplies into your backpack so you can grab it and go

Figure out how you’re getting to school tomorrow
Decide if you’re going to be taking the school bus, if a friend or their parent is going to pick you up, or if your parents are going to drop you off so you can organize. Don’t wait until the last minute to organize your ride

Set 2 alarms 10 minutes apart so you’re sure to wake up. Give yourself plenty of time to get up and get yourself ready for your first day by setting an alarm for about an hour before you need to get to school. Set 2 alarms on your clock or phone so you don’t sleep through or snooze the first one and wake up late.

Arrive at school 15 minutes early to find your classes.
Get to school ahead of time so you won’t be nervous about being late or finding your classes. Meet up with friends and find out if you have any classes together. Find out where your first class is located so you know exactly where you need to go.

Introduce yourself to your teachers to start off on the right foot.
When you arrive to your classroom, go talk to your teacher. Tell them your name and what you’re excited about for their class. You’ll make a good impression and your teacher is much more likely to remember you if you need assistance in the future

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