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What is peace? Peace may be seen as a state of tranquillity with absence of violence and hostility. It is a very important concept when talking about the improvement and development of any system. In bid to develop our country, five ways of promoting peace in Nigeria has thus been highlighted below

1. Desisting From Hate Speeches and political sentiments

Political sentiments and hate speeches have been identified as one of the major causes of problem in the country thus, impeding the peace and unity among Nigerians.This includes: the war of words, political blackmails against members of opposition party, tribal and political feuds.

Nigeria’s political actors must stop making hate speeches or blackmails against a fellow politician because of political ambitions or career whether he belonged to those set of politicians holding power or those set of politicians who are in opposition party.

Nigeria’s political actors must reserve emotions toward important issues that will help maintain and sustain peace in Nigeria.

2. Love And Respect For each Others’ Beliefs

There are some qualities that struggled for recognition as some of the qualities Nigerians need for the sustainance and maintenance of an enduring form of peace in this country.

The qualities include, the love of my country, having faith in my country, and the hope for a new Nigeria, and among these three qualities the love of my country is the most important , and this is majorly what holds peace in this country as Nigeria is a multi- ethnic state.


3. Preaching the Gospel Of Peace and need for enlightenment

No country can develop in an atmosphere where there is no peace, therefore, peace is very necessary and important to any nation that wants to progress. This is the reason in Nigeria, the gospel of peace must be preached in every area.

It therefore, call for massive enlightenment program, members of the public or Nigerians should be kept abreast on why Nigeria need peace. The governments of this country, from the federal government, the state government and the local government must draw their plans, and strategize their program on how to reach out to every Nigerian with the message of peace.

Every youth, every woman, and every man, young and old, all Nigerians must learn how to co-exist peacefully with our fellow countrymen. This message should be through the use of mass media.

4. Promoting the sense Of Brotherhood

Every Nigerian is one, notwithstanding the tribe or religion. Having this sense of brotherhood is very necessary in Nigeria’s ambition to maintain peace in this country. It is time every Nigerian saw each other with the eye of oneness.

From our individual families to schools, and in churches, in our mosques, in social gathering, we must preach the gospel of oneness, parents should council their children at home why they should regard someone from a different tribe as God’s creation, as a brother or a sister, important of equality should be taught in schools, churches and mosques should orient their faithful with the fact that, every Nigerian is and was created by one God. We must learn to appreciate every Nigerian in spite of religion, tribe and political divides.


5. Keep the NYSC Program Running

The National Youth Service Corp was established in 1973 after the Nigerian Civil War in 1967 in order to “reconcile and reconstruct” the nation. It is aimed to foster “national unity” among Nigerian youths; therefore, to maintain peace and unity in Nigeria, we should utilize the scheme and keep it running.

Updated: July 21, 2020 — 12:49 am

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