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I was robbed and assaulted by the Nigerian police – Man cries out

A Nigerian man who is a content creator/makeup artist has narrated how he was assaulted and robbed by officer of the Nigeria Police Force.

I was robbed and assaulted by the Nigerian police - Man cries out 1


According to the man identified as Macmillian Makeover, he was ordered by some officers to enter into their yellow bus on Monday while on his way home from work.

He asked what his offence was but got no reasonable answer, so he got in the bus with them, thinking they were going to the station.

However, when they got to a deserted place, the men in police uniform asked him to exit their bus and began assaulting him.

I was robbed and assaulted by the Nigerian police - Man cries out 2


He wrote on Instagram:

“I Was Robbed by the Nigeria Police officer, They Took all my Belongings, My Two Phones Samsung and My Tablet, Still Beat Me Up and Bruced My Face Full Story Video later Today, I just Log in with My Friend Phone @tobi_fajek it’s So Sad this have to happen to me this Month of March which I will be turning 21st March 19th with my Family on Instagram.

AND now I got a Bruced a Face, This happen Yesterday 1st March 2021, Am Absolutely tired of this Police, Am a Freaking Tax Payer, I have my Voters Card, NIN, E.T.C Me being a full Citizen of this Country. THEY Still Treat young people Like me like a Criminal.

This Men who Robbed me are Not a 100% Registered Police Officers. THEY ALL CLAIM TO BE. THEY WERE FULLY DRESSED LIKE A POLICE OFFICAL. ME Respectfully as Usual Stay Calm and bold Facing them.

They ask me questions I would boldly Respectfully respond “YES SIR” “OK SIR” I NEVER KNEW THIS GUYS Are impostors, Armrobberies, after they beat the shit out of me true me out from their yellow and left on the dark Street. COS THEY TOLD ME THEY’RE GOING TO THE STATION, SO I JUST STAY CALM AND ENTER. AFTER …. I CAN’T TYPE AGAIN TOMORROW I WILL EXPLAIN BETTER.

“Guys becareful out there, the Officers are not Protecting Us anymore there’re the real Bastard Thief. I hate what just Happened. My phones Which I use to Make my Videos are all Gone, Back to Square 1. if ur daddy is a Nigeria Police Officer pls Unfollow Me Biko.

The Anger in Me right now eh Is Fire, I have Suffered alot from this people, at my age I should be in School, All this Video shit I would never be doing this, I don’t even have Car or using The Latest iPhone, Am Being treated again like this by the Police officers, My Two Phones all gone. My Phones are my Life, All my Content are on those Cell. Am really really really really really really really really really Angry.”

Updated: March 3, 2021 — 9:31 am

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